The objective of this Guide is provide posting and behavioral guidelines within the
       ALT.BINARIES.PICTURES.AVIATION newsgroup (ABPA). It is NOT LAW.  Because this NG is self-moderated,users who ignore this Guide can expect comments from other users. Serial defaulters may attract stronger comments and/or be "kill filtered" or "Plonked" by regular users. Therefore, if you wish your aviation pictures to be appreciated by visitors, and regulars in this newsgroup, it is to your advantage to follow these guidelines.

       The purpose of the ABPA is to share photos of aircraft, information regarding aviation related events, stories about
       aircraft that are featured in this Newsgroup and, above all, to share our passion for aircraft with like-minded people
       regardless of nationality, race or religion.

       The ABPA is entirely self moderated, and there is no formal membership criteria, or governing board. Members are free
       to come and go as they wish - to contribute, or not, is entirely voluntary. No one should feel forced to contribute to the
       group, and no one should feel intimidated by the group.

       Users of the ABPA are legally and personally responsible for any images they post, particularly regarding copyright
       issues and suitability. As many members of the group post images that they have taken themselves, they do occasionally
       get rather upset when others post their images either without permission, or with copyright logos removed. All
       photographers have their
       own ideas regarding the usage of their images, and if in doubt about the use of in image we request that you please ask
       before either posting or reusing an original image.
       This Guide will be amended as the need arises. Suggestions for any changes should be posted to the Newsgroup. Any
       changes receiving general agreement following a discussion will then be included.

Posting Guidelines

       Aviation Only.
       The ABPA is dedicated to aviation orientated subjects. However, there are no restrictions upon the specific types of
       aircraft images that can be posted to the group. Given that non aviation subjects frequently appear at air shows and in
       museums, we ask that you use the following example of an acceptable posting... That really cool looking restored tank
       featured at the
       annual air show is a credit to everyone involved. So in the context of a series of 30 or more aviation related images
       regarding an air show, with 2 or 3 featuring the really cool tank are acceptable. On the other hand posting a series of 30
       images of non aviation subjects at the air show with only 1 or 2 aircraft is not acceptable.

       NO Blatantly Obvious Pornography...
       Posters are STRONGLY REQUESTED TO REFRAIN FROM POSTING OBVIOUSLY pornographic images. A simple
       nude standing in front of an airplane is one thing, seeing a girl playing with her #$% is another. Images featuring nudes
       in a non-pornographic way, and STILL IN THE CONTEXT OF AVIATION, are acceptable and will be referred to as
       Nude-Hangar Queens (or Kings).
       Therefore, the group would appreciate the wording Nude-Hangar Queen (or King) within the image's description. The
       only exceptions to this would something like the nose art on say a WWII bomber which can be a touch racy.

       No Multimedia or Multi-Part files....
       As the name implies, this Newsgroup is for posting "Binaries Pictures Aviation", that is, photos, and artworks relating
       to aviation. Multimedia, video clips and sound files are not welcome here, mainly due to bandwidth requirements. However
       references to multimedia aviation related postings in the NG alt.binaries.multimedia.aviation, and other newsgroups, or
       on a website are acceptable in this Newsgroup. The reason Multi-part attachments are discouraged is that some news
       servers may lose a portion of the messages, and some news readers are not able to assemble the parts properly.

       Image Size....
       Many visitors and posters have slow dial-up internet connections and/or are download limited, which makes it difficult to
       view large attachments (400Kb plus). File sizes in the range 100 to 300Kb in JPEG format generally give adequate
       resolution. If viewers would like a picture at higher resolution they should check with the poster by email.

       Image Descriptions are strongly encouraged for ALL IMAGES.
       Large numbers of files (plus 10) without a description of what the image is, or index image displaying the images in the
       series, is not considered an acceptable posting. If your favorite aviation subject is civil airliners for example, few things
       will match the frustration you feel when you unknowingly download 30 images of some WWII warbirds. Granted the
       logical thing to do is
       grab a couple first, but if it was an event where both types of aircraft are featured what then? For this reason the use of
       one of the very popular freeware image index programs is encouraged, failing that at the very least please include a
       reasonable description of the image. This also has the added advantage of making it easier to track comments made about
       your images, and identifying a particular series of images to the group.

       Large Floods of images...
       Floods of images should be restricted to approx. 50 images per day. We as a group would prefer to see them over several
       days, rather than all at one time. Doing so, and keeping the images to a size of about 300k, or less enables other posters
       to post groups of images. Part of the reason for this is that many local servers have a limited retention based upon size.
       For example; if you post a flood of 300 or more images all in the 500k range at 1:00am, and then at 10:00am someone
       else does the same thing, and yet a third person posts at 10:00pm. On some of the smaller servers someone is either not
       going to see their images posted until the next day, or possibly have images bounced off of the NG. For people using
       independent newsgroup servers this is not a problem, however for many of the smaller servers it can be.

       NO Political, social, or religious discussions of ANY sort...
       We all have our opinions regarding religion, social issues, and politics. However given the strong emotions that these
       types of discussion frequent cause IT IS STRONGLY preferred that members DO NOT engage in these types of debates
       with the newsgroup ABPA. Besides if you check the title of this Newsgroup there is not a mention of politics, social
       issues, or religion within it. Wishing someone a well meaning nationalistic or religious message such as Happy 4th of
       July, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah etc. is however considered acceptable...

       YENC - is NOT Acceptable.
       Yenc encoding is not yet standardized, so there are different versions in use and many news readers do not recognize any
       of them. The same applies to any other non-standard posting formats. To avoid upset, please use only the standard
       UU-Encoding when posting your pictures. Besides, if you are looking for discussion, or conversation regarding an image,
       you are far more likely obtain it with a standard format posting, rather than a non-standard one. To
       be fair about it, if Yenc or some other method does become a recognized standard then this will quickly be amended.

       No HTML within postings...
       The Usenet service (newsgroups) has traditionally been text-based, and most dedicated news readers still are. However,
       since Outlook Express and the major browsers have been able to access newsgroups, and their format of choice is HTML,
       many users are posting to the newsgroups in HTML format. Unfortunately, this means that all the cool looking fancy
       backgrounds, special characters, bold or multi-colored fonts, inserted lines or other effects appear as dozens of lines of
       seemingly unintelligible characters interspaced with a few lines of text to those who still use text-based readers. As a
       courtesy to these people it is suggested that you refrain from posting in HTML if possible.

       NO Inflammatory Remarks (Flaming)
       Deliberately making derogatory or inflammatory remarks (often referred to as "flaming") about people posting to the
       ABPA, and/or any aspect of their postings, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

       This does NOT include comments such as:

       (a) Constructive criticisms or suggestions as to how to improve someone's images (however, saying a person's posting is
       nothing but crap is not acceptable),

       (b) Corrections to miss-identification of aircraft, pilots etc...

       (c) Corrections to obviously innocent mistakes.

       Harsh, or insulting criticism about simple mistakes, or a less-than professional picture, when not deserved, can be
       particularly disturbing to newbies who may never return to the Group. Let us try to maintain the friendly atmosphere that
       has been established in ABPA over many years.

       When responding to a LONG posting....
       It is requested that you restrict the reposted text to only those parts that are pertinent to your response. Reposting an
       entire message when responding to a long posting not only clutters the system up but is also a discourtesy to those trying
       to read your contribution. We all make this mistake now and again, however if, and when you do, please don't be offended if you receive a GENTLE Chastisement from the other members of the group.


       Newbies to the group are encouraged to "lurk" for a few days BEFORE posting images... Doing this will help you get a
       feel for how the group operates, and what is considered acceptable behavior. Above all else though if you have a question,
       or are unsure about an issue PLEASE ASK!!! You will find that most members of the group are reasonably friendly, and very eager to help new posters.

       None of these rules are chiseled in stone, and there will always be exceptions. This guide intended to be just a guide and
       nothing more.. The group at large asks that the spirit of this text be adhered to. This Guide is applicable ONLY TO THE
       NEWSGROUP alt.binaries.aviation.pictures, other newsgroups may OR MAY NOT have similar guidelines.

       Above all else we encourage everyone who enjoys the subject of aviation to participate, and use the guide to everyone's

       Thank you,

       The participants of the newsgroup

Questions or comments about this
      guide should be submitted to the newsgroup